Alice Mumford

"I am excited by and wonder at what is revealed by the simple act of looking. The shapes between things and beats of tone seem to affect me. Painting is a way of thinking through what you are looking at. "

Alice Mumford RWA

A day with Alice Mumford

1 day: 7th July 2021   Fee: £170

We have admired Alice's work for some years and have been lucky enough to attend her classes in St Ives. She doesn't often teach further afield, so we are thrilled to have lured her to our beautiful city for the second time. She tells us: "I love teaching because it's a way of sharing a passion, focusing your thoughts and requires you to understand a thing in more depth, for example, composition, colour, tone, painting en plein air, and life drawing. There is always a sense of adventure with a class as we find out about ideas together."

Listen to Alice in conversation at the St Ives Festival & share her latest exhibition catalogue

Visit Alice's latest exhibition: 16th September-7th October at Belgrave, St Ives